Shield Therapeutics is well positioned to become a fast growing, independent, international specialty pharmaceutical company.

Why invest in Shield Therapeutics?

Shield has transformed from a development-focused, privately owned company into a PLC with increasingly commercially focused, customer-facing organisation set up to sell our innovative and value-added specialty pharmaceuticals that solve patients’ unmet medical needs.


Annual Revenue

Targeted for Feraccru


Annual Revenue

Targeted for PT20


Amount Raised

Since 2010

London, UK

120 New Cavendish Street

t+44 (0) 207 186 8500

Newcastle, UK

Northern Design Centre
Baltic Business Quarter
Gateshead Quays, NE8 3DF

t+44 (0) 191 511 8500

Wollerau, Switzerland

Sihleggstrasse 23,
8832 Wollerau

t+41 (0) 435 080 781

Munich, Germany

München 5 Höfe
Theatinerstrasse 11
DE- 80333 München

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