Specialty pharmaceutical company

Providing solutions to unmet medical needs.

Shield Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of late‑stage, hospital‑focused pharmaceuticals which address areas of unmet medical need.

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Shield Therapeutics ties up US$63million deal for Feraccru in China

Jan 2020 - 6:32
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Our Products

Feraccru® / Accrufer® : A treatment for iron deficiency with or without anaemia

Our lead product is approved for the treatment of iron deficiency with or without anaemia in adults in the European Union, the United States and Switzerland and has exclusive IP rights until the mid-2030s. In Europe it is marketed as
Feraccru® with commercialisation led by Norgine BV and in the USA the product which benefits from NCE exclusivity until 2024 will be marketed as Accrufer®.

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