Our achievements would not be possible without the outstanding team that make up Shield Therapeutics’ staff, management and board of directors.

Professor Jonathon Powell

Professor Powell is Head of Bio-Mineral Research at the MRC’s Human Nutrition Research (‘‘HNR’’) Elsie Widdowson Laboratory in Cambridge. Within HNR, his work focuses on (i) the absorption of iron and diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency; (ii) the role of minerals, in inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract and (iii) the development of novel mineral-based therapeutics.

Dr Powell and his team were the inventors of the patented technology behind PT20 and have advised Phosphate Therapeutics Ltd since Phosphate Therapeutics Ltd acquired the licence from the MRC in late 2011.

Dr Geoffrey A Block, MD, CCRI

Dr. Block is the Director of Clinical Research at Denver Nephrology. He serves as an advisor and consultant for several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies interested in developing medicine to help patients with kidney disease. Dr Block has been working with PT20 since 2012 as a consultant and he was the principal investigator in the Phase 2B pivotal study in PT20 that completed in 2015. The Phase 2b pivotal study results are to be presented at the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week in November 2015 with Dr Geoffrey Block the primary author.

Professor Christoph Gasche, MD

Professor Gasche led and co-authored the publication of the outcome of the pivotal Phase 3 Study in Feraccru, having been chief investigator in Austria for the pivotal Phase 3 Study. Professor Gasche was co-author of the 2007 ECCO Guidelines and the 2015 ECCO Guidelines. He is a speaker at the UEGW symposium in October 2015.

Dr Michael Stockham, Ph.D

Dr Stockham advises the Group as a consultant and has actively assisted in the continued development of the intellectual property relating to Feraccru, including the filing of new patents related to Feraccru.

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