Our Strategy & Values

The commercial strategy of the Group has a number of key elements:

Our Strategy


To launch Feraccru® as widely as quickly as possible in collaboration with our licence partners;


To maintain a scalable supportive infrastructure that facilitates product development and commercial success;


To effectively use clinical and pharmaco-economic data to develop commercial arguments that facilitate reimbursement of Feraccru® at a premium price, whilst providing payers with a compelling value proposition versus other treatment options;


To source a best in class licence partner to prepare to commercialise Feraccru® into the US market;


To seek to change the current treatment guidelines for the treatment of iron deficiency with or without anaemia such that Feraccru® is recognised as the go to therapy in patients failing salt-based oral iron treatment;


To evaluate opportunities to out-licence PT20 to an attractive commercial partner;

Our Values

  • Patient centric: The patients our therapies treat are at the heart of why we do it
  • Ethical: Always professional with the highest of standards
  • Product focused: We have a great track record of identifying value and are always looking for more
  • Freedom to operate: It is “our” Company and we avoid hierarchy, we challenge to succeed
  • Relationships: Strong and human… everyone is valuable
  • Continuously develop: We only want people who are committed, effective and determined to succeed