Our Strategy & Values

The commercial strategy of the Group has a number of key elements:

Our Strategy


To launch Feraccru® into key markets using our own highly experienced field-based sales teams;


To build a scalable supportive infrastructure to facilitate this and future commercialisation efforts including elements such as business development and marketing;


To ensure best use of clinical and pharmaco-economic data to develop the commercial arguments that will facilitate reimbursement of Feraccru® at a premium price in its chosen markets, yet ensure payers recognise the significant cost advantages over IV iron in the pricing achieved;


To develop plans and prepare for the launch of Feraccru® into the US market, informed by the launch in Europe, either using newly established field-based teams and utilising the established infrastructure, or via out-licensing with a suitable partner;


To evaluate opportunities to out-licence PT20 to a commercial partner to conduct Phase 3 trials and to launch PT20 in certain non-core markets with the Group potentially retaining the rights to core markets, where the Group will be able to leverage its then existing commercial infrastructure;


To consider, where appropriate, out-licensing opportunities for Feraccru® in peripheral markets;


To consider in-licensing or acquiring other products, whether already marketed or close to market that would enhance the Group’s offering in its core markets, particularly focused on products that bolt onto the core iron deficiency offering with Feraccru® and enhance the indication specialisms;


To seek to change the treatment guidelines for the treatment of IDA in general and specifically in core indications such as IDA in IBD and CKD meaning Feraccru® is recognised as clear second line therapy ahead of IV iron;


To consider further development or out-licence opportunities for other assets.

Our Values

  • Patient centric: The patients our therapies treat are at the heart of why we do it
  • Ethical: Always professional with the highest of standards
  • Product focused: We have a great track record of identifying value and are always looking for more
  • Freedom to operate: It is “our” Company and we avoid hierarchy, we challenge to succeed
  • Relationships: Strong and human… everyone is valuable
  • Continuously develop: We only want people who are committed, effective and determined to succeed

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