At Shield we truly understand the value of global partnerships

About Us

Shield is a de-risked commercial stage, pharmaceutical company focused on addressing iron deficiency in adults with or without anaemia through our approved product
Feraccru®/Accrufer® Our clear purpose is to develop products that help patients become people again, enabling them to enjoy the things that make a difference in their everyday lives.

Approved Products

Our approved product is a novel, stable, non-salt based oral therapy for the treatment of iron deficiency and is approved in the European Union, the United States and Switzerland.  In Europe it is marketed as Feraccru® with commercialisation led by Norgine BV. We are currently selecting a commercial partner for the US where the product will be marketed as Accrufer™.

Our product pipeline

We also have an active product pipeline:

  • PT20 is a novel iron-based phosphate binder that we are developing for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia
  • PT40 is being developed to be the first generic version of iron sucrose

Partnering Opportunities

If you are interested in working with us to make Feraccru®/Accrufer® and our other pipeline candidates available to as many patients as possible please contact us.