A truly innovative and entrepreneurial specialty pharmaceutical company, always seeking to provide solutions to unmet medical needs.

At a glance

Shield Therapeutics is a well-funded, high potential, commercial stage specialty-pharma company.

Shield Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of late‑stage, hospital‑focused pharmaceuticals which address areas of high unmet medical need.

The Company’s key products are Feraccru and PT20, one commercially available and one late-stage pharmaceutical for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia and systemic phosphate accumulation (otherwise known as hyperphosphatemia), respectively.

Non-Executive Chairman

Dr Andrew Heath

By any measure the past twelve months have been very busy, hugely exciting and a period of remarkable achievement for Shield Therapeutics. Less than six years after starting operations Shield achieved a marketing authorisation for Feraccru®, the first oral prescription pharmaceutical product approved across Europe for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

CEO & Founder

Carl Sterritt

Shield has been transforming itself from a wholly development-focused and private company into a listed and increasingly commercially-focused, customer-facing organisation. We are now well positioned to become a fast growing, independent, international specialty pharmaceutical company and, due to the strength of our products and team, and with great thanks to all of our supportive shareholders, I look forward to the future with great excitement.

What sets us apart

  • Near term revenue potential

    The Group received MA approval in Europe for Feraccru® in February 2016 and undertook our first commercial launch of Feraccru® in the UK with our own commercial team in May 2016. Roll-out across Europe directly or via commercial partners will continue through 2016 and 2017.

  • Late-stage assets that have either been approved or have delivered proof of concept

    In addition to Feraccru’s marketing authorisation, PT20 has successfully completed a first pivotal study. In addition, further Phase 3 trials have commenced with Feraccru® that will eventually broaden its geographic and indication reach.

  • Large market opportunities with unmet needs

    Feraccru® addresses a large and structurally growing market with significant potential in the near term. GfK estimates there are approximately 1.4 to 1.5 million patients in Europe and the US with IBD who have the potential to be treated for IDA of which a significant proportion are currently ineffectively treated. GfK also estimates that there are over 3.4 million patients in the EU and US with IDA and CKD.

  • Experienced management team with extensive expertise

    The Company has an experienced Board with extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Two of the Directors are members of the executive management team and have been heavily involved in the development of the Group and key to driving its success to date. Carl Sterritt has been CEO since he co-founded the Group in 2008 and

    The Board is supported by an experienced, skilled management team which provides a strong platform for future growth and gives strategic direction to the development and commercialisation of the Group’s products. The team grew significantly during 2015 in preparation for commercial launch of Feraccru®.

  • Opportunity to create operational leverage across the product portfolio

    Initially Feraccru® and subsequently PT20 will be commercialised using a mix of our own commercial operations in major markets and best in class local commercial partners in other non-core markets. Our assets are naturally targeted to specialist prescribers based in hospitals and private clinics, providing the potential for significant operational leverage, which could be further enhanced with selective small scale bolt-on acquisitions or in-licensing of allied products.

  • Strong intellectual property protection

    The Group’s assets are supported by a suite of strong intellectual property rights including key patents in major markets and with MA approval, Feraccru benefits from data and marketing exclusivity in the EU for up to 10 years. The Group routinely pursues new patent applications, filing five new patent applications for Feraccru® since its acquisition in 2010. The new patents, as granted, will provide significant additional patent protection up to 2035 in relation to Feraccru®.

  • Attractive financial profile

    The proceeds of the February 2016 IPO, together with the result of the fundraise through the exercise of the Warrants (see financial review, page 15) provides a strong financial platform for the growth of the Group. The Directors expect the Company to generate near term revenues with inherently high gross margins following the recent launch of Feraccru®. Whilst development activity will continue for the foreseeable future, the Directors believe that the level of R&D spend should be relatively modest bearing in mind the potential revenues from Feraccru® and PT20.

  • PT20

    PT20 is a treatment for hyperphosphatemia which has successfully completed a first pivotal trial, suggesting that one further successful pivotal Phase 3 study is required in order to seek regulatory approval in major markets.

    In addition, the Group has earlier stage assets that it intends to develop or out-license over time.

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